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Horoscope Glossary - Letter A
Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The signs associated with intellect, ideas, thought, sociability, extroversion, aspirations, communication, and high places.

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac; Aquarius is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Uranus. Its symbol is the Water Bearer, and key words for Aquarius are humanitarian, progressive, friendly, independent, inventive, and original.

The first sign of the Zodiac; Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its symbol is the Ram, and key words for Aries are energetic, innovative, assertive, leader, and competitive.

Ascendant, or Rising Sign
The sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of an individual's birth. The cusp of the first house of the Natal Chart.

The angular relationships, measured in degrees of arc, between indicators in a Natal Chart. These indicators may include planets, house cusps, asteroids, fixed stars, or various mathematically-calculated points along the belt of the Zodiac.

Of, or relating to, or coming from the stars.

Applied astronomy; the science of judging personality, relationships, or future trends by studying the movements of stars, planets, and asteroids along the belt of the Zodiac or the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth; The art of studying and interpreting the correlation between these movements and events and circumstances on Earth.

Ayurvedic medicine is a natural alternative medicine that is the traditional medicinal system of India; Vedic astrology lends an understanding of time and karma, and Ayurvedic astrology teaches the interface of these two belief systems.

Horoscope Glossary - Letter B
Birth Chart, or Natal Chart
A map of the planetary positions along the belt of the Zodiac as they were on a specific date, at a specific time and place.

Horoscope Glossary - Letter C
The fourth sign of the Zodiac; Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon. Its symbol is the Crab, and key words for Cancer are introverted, emotional, moody, sympathetic, protective, and quiet.

The tenth sign of the Zodiac; Capricorn is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Its symbol is the Goat, and key words for Capricorn are ambitious, rigid, thrifty, responsible, practical, and persistent.

Cardinal Signs
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. The signs of this quality are associated with action and the ability and desire to initiate action.

Chinese Astrology
Relates to the Chinese calendar, particularly its 12-year cycle of animals - aka Chinese Zodiac - and the fortune-telling aspects according to movement of heavenly bodies across the Chinese constellations in the sky.

Chinese Zodiac
Uses the details of one's birth, including the year, month, day, and time, to reveal insights into a person's personality trails, lifestyle, health, career direction, and compatibility with others. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a ten-year Sun-Moon cycle that is divided into the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth, and metal - as well as the twelve animals that represent each year.

The placement of two celestial bodies in the same sign at the same degree of the Zodiac. If the planets involved are benefic, or one benefic and one malefic, the effect of the conjunction is usually favorable, but if both planets are malefic, the effect is usually difficult.

The lines separating, or boundaries between the signs or houses in a Natal Chart.

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